This Marathon Life

by a passionately stubborn runner

Ready to go back | The Indiana Trail 50

Pile of drop bags at the Indian Trail 50 Mile.

In just about a month I'll be going back to Indiana to take a second crack at the Indiana Trail 50 miler. Last year, during the final miles I was in so much pain that I questioned if I was ever going to run again after the race or if I would ever enjoy running again. Sounds crazy, right? But, time passed and I healed and I'm stronger than ever. That's how life works - you learn the most from the experiences that are the hardest. I was one of only 3 women under 30 to finish last year and I was the last of those three women. Yep, last place in my age group and I consider it one of my greatest life accomplishments. I wasn't last overall for women but I ended up near the bottom in the rankings. Finishing 50 miles was the accomplishment, not my ranking.

I can't wait to drop off my gear box full of food, Nuun and clothes at the main tent. My goal this year is to finish healthy. I suffered from a lack of training volume last year and that lead to an injury that I struggled with for the last 29 miles. This year I am feeling strong, have had a decent training cycle and am ready to crush this 50 miler. Cheers to never giving up and never being afraid to fail.

Written on March 28, 2016