This Marathon Life

by a passionately stubborn runner

Bayshore Marathon Race Recap

running the Bayshore Marathon Being my second ever marathon - I was scared. I was really scared. The pain I felt during my first marathon was indescribably horrible so naturally I was scared I was going to have to endure that again. I am here to tell you all really good news. Doing more miles really does help! I had a much bigger mileage base then my previous marathon. I racked up 580 total miles during the 16 week training period for this marathon compared to the roughly 382 miles I had in preparation for my first marathon. My legs would not have been hurting much at all if I didn’t decide to wear the Brooks T7 Racer shoe which did not have enough padding in them. They are basically just like running barefoot. My calves hurt. A lot. I don’t think I will ever wear those shoes again for any race longer then a 5K. By time I had gotten to mile 18 it felt like my calves were going to snap apart with every footstep. It was excruciating pain. My friends told me to try the shoes out on a long run before I used them in the race but of course I didn’t listen. I was really grateful to have had my friend Russ pace me the entire race. He helped me work through the pain the shoes were causing and I don’t think I would have beaten my last marathon time without him. I finished in 3 hours and 54 minutes beating my first marathon time by 23 minutes. For nutrition I took 4 non-caffeinated GU packets and drank GU Brew and took water from the aid stations as I passed them.

Written on May 24, 2014