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by a passionately stubborn runner

The One Best Tip To Get Started Running

  • Goals, Goals, Goals!

Runner stretching

So, you've decided that you want to get into the world of running! The first step that you need to take isn't blasting out the door but is into thinking about why you want to start running. I'm not saying that your reason can't just be something like "I think it would be cool". Reasons like that are perfectly fine - I just recommend taking time to figure out how you think running will fit into your life. The biggest issue that I see new runners face is they say they have issues with consistency - or getting out for runs more than once a week or once every few weeks. When you only run once a week or once every two weeks - running won't become "easier". Consistency is the key to unlock the changes in your body that will make running easier. My number one tip for keeping yourself on track is to sign up for a race. Remember that races don't have to be a competition against anyone. Most people are not out there to crush other people - they are out there to beat their best times, try a new distance or to just have fun. Signing up for a goal race and planning out training for that race will keep you consistent and keep you running. I have been participating in around three to four events a year. I pick a big spring race and big fall race and I do fun runs in between with family and friends. This keeps me running all year round. The last thing I have to say about picking a goal race is to be selective with your search. There are so many people trying to get into race management these days that there can be some pretty sketchy setups going on. I recommend going with a well known race. If you're in Michigan - I suggest any of the runs that Running Fit puts on. The Detroit Marathon events in the fall are awesome too! Now, go sign up for that goal race and train on!

Written on June 28, 2015