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Hoka One One Clifton Review!

  • Pleasantly cushy and bouncy but wish they were wider
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blue hoka clifton shoes I wanted to pick up a pair of these shoes for a really long time and was really glad that I did. First off, yes the shoes are chunky. We’re talking a 29mm heel. I do want to mention that the shoe’s offset is 5mm and they only weigh 7.7 oz. The cushion in the shoe allowed me to just run and I never got any foot soreness like I sometimes get on my longer 16 mile+ runs. That was good, that was really good.

Things with me and my Hokas were great until they weren't. So, these shoes are narrow. They have less room in the toebox then the Kinvara4 or 5 and also the Brooks PureCadence I used to run in. The shoe width didn't bother me enough to not run in them at first but one day my callus on my foot must have been a little larger then normal or something and this caused the shoe to start giving me blisters. Once you board the blister train it's hard to get off of it unless you properly remove them and then take time off so your feet can heal. Having to switch to another shoe for a while until I can run in these again seems to be the new normal. I have another friend who has wider feet and he can't run in these shoes either. I really wish they made a wide version or just made the shoes a little more roomy. The shoe is big in every other aspect so why not the toebox?

One other thing I don't like so much is that the tongue of the shoe is just a piece of fabric with no cushion. I know it seems crazy to want plushness on the top of your foot but it makes sense. Sometimes I'm in a rush and I tie my shoes too tight and well after 10 miles the top of my foot gets bruised! This is frustrating and I know it's really "user error" but a little bit of plush on the tongue could have been factored in. So, things I love are; the cushion, simplicity and the little loop on the back of the shoe that helps you put the shoe on. Hoka put the loop on horizontally instead of vertically like all other shoes do. They are doing it right. The Hoka One One Clifton gets four stars in my book and would have received five if the tongue had some plush on it and they made the toebox a little more roomy or made a wide version. The shoe runs around $130.

Written on December 6, 2014