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by a passionately stubborn runner

Why Running on Holidays is the Greatest

The author and her girlfriend on a run during Thanksgiving week.

I know, its a really blurry iPhone selfie. But, this photo is of me and my girlfriend sharing a run last year before Thanksgiving. Holiday runs are my most favorite runs during the year. Here are a few reasons why:


The holidays can be pretty stressful. Whether it's because you've got two parties to go to in one day and are dreading the belly explosion that's about to happen or because maybe you're hosting a dinner and the weight of this Thanksgiving being a good one or not is seemingly resting on your shoulders. Getting out for an early morning holiday run can give you time to relax and think about the day ahead. What do you need to do? What time do you need to do it by? Just a 40minute easy run really does help you step back and prepare for the day all while getting in some exercise before the food coma happens.


I love to think about the holiday that I'm running on. What does this day mean to me? What are my favorite memories? I take time on my holiday runs to think about all these things. It makes time slow down. We're always moving so fast that we forget to stop and breathe in the fresh air around us. We're alive and the greatest mistake we could ever make was to take these precious seconds for granted. These days will never come back. Take time to enjoy them. Think about them. On the holidays I run with my girlfriend and we swap stories from our pasts while our footsteps move about in the present. That's an incredible combination.


You know that one Uncle who won't stop talking about politics with a mouth full of stuffing? Well, chances are that he actually won't stop talking about politics. Here is where running comes in! The best way to excuse yourself from the the table as quickly as possible is by going out for a post dinner run! If your family is like mine - odds are that no one else is going to be crazy enough to join you. Ah, peaceful quite time out in nature to avoid the politics and holiday shopping talk.

So, be a little selfish this holiday season and get your running in. There's nothing better!

Written on November 23, 2016