This Marathon Life

by a passionately stubborn runner

Martian Half-Marathon Race Recap

running the Martian Half Marathon I would highly recommend the Martian Invasion of Races to anyone. The course is a little hilly but the little green blow up martians along the course are cute enough to make up for it. Post race they had snacks and also Bear Claw Coffee had a tent out which was awesome.

I went into this race not expecting to do spectacular since it was a warm up race before my marathon next month(May 2014). The race started and I was running with the 2 hour pacer but she started off fast and I saw the 1hr50min pacer up ahead so I jumped up and ran with him for a while and I noticed I was running 8'15 miles and couldn't believe it. Around mile 6 I noticed I was running next to my friend Alex and we chatted for a bit before he kicked it into high gear and I just maintained my current pace. I ended up finishing in a personal best of 1 hour and 47 minutes which gave me 9th place for my age group. I was ecstatic and kept thinking "I did good today".

After the race I sat in the back of my car, drank my coffee and called my step dad to tell him how I did. Before the race started when I was standing in the starting corral a thought ran through my mind that stuck with me the whole race "How do you know unless you try?". Here's to trying. Cheers!

Written on April 12, 2014