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by a passionately stubborn runner

Running at Night

Runner running at night With fall and winter comes what I call “the trudge”. The trudge is running on dark cold and sometimes snowy and/or slushy nights. If there is one helpful piece of advice I can give you it is to be careful. People are incredibly self-absorbed and you will find yourself almost being hit by them in their cars on most nights. I always make sure to ditch my headphones and be on guard the entire duration of the run. If I see a car coming up to a stop sign or light I stop even if I have the right of way. If I am to cross a car I make sure to go behind the car and not in front because even though you would think they see you because you are standing right next to them…most times they don’t. I run in a reflective bright yellow vest with a flashing light on it and also a headlamp. I picked one up for around $30 and it has 70 lumens and let me tell you - that thing is a lifesaver! Sometimes street lights are out or non-existent and having a light source helps a ton. My final bit of advice is to run with a friend. I always encourage running with friends but at night it makes the whole experience much better. If you need to get a run in but no friends are available or near by then tell someone you know where you will be running and about how long you will be out running for. There’s also some GPS watches (some Garmins do this) that have a live tracking feature that will send out your GPS coordinates via your phone’s data connection to a specific URL so your friends and loved ones can see where you are. Be safe out there night runners! :waxing_crescent_moon:

Written on November 5, 2014