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Nuun Review!

  • A must have, tasty and tons of flavors!
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Nuun 4-pack and singles Last year (2013) I had trained with water and Gu Brew as far as hydration goes. I heard of a new product called Nuun and after hearing it was a more natural beverage I decided to try it. I am pleasantly surprised by all the different flavors there are. So far I really like the Wild Berry Energy(40mg Caffeine). The taste of Nuun in 16oz of water is similar to if you were to add a little bit of fruit flavoring to your water. Nuun is not as heavy tasting as Gatorade and depending on the tablet to water ratio you can play around with how potent it is.

So, taste is good but what about performance? I love that Nuun gives you things like: sodium, potassium, vitamin c, magnesium ETC. My performance has been awesome with Nuun. My face is always covered in salt after long runs and the extra salt that Nuun provides helps a lot.

UPDATE Nuun has a new product out called Nuun Plus and it's fantastic for longer runs or runs where you need some more energy(calories). Regular Nuun gives you around 8 calories and Nuun Plus in combination with regular nuun should give you around 56 calories. Nice! Nuun is roughly $22 for a four pack and you can pick it up here.

Written on July 20, 2014