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Run Location | New Orleans

  • The lowdown on where to run in NOLA!
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I had a business trip to New Orleans back in October and one of my favorite things to do in new places is go on a run to explore the area. I will admit that I spent a good amount of time researching to find a safe and beautiful route. It's not easy finding out this kind of information so I gathered it all up for you in case you ever visit this historic city.

My route started from my hotel in the French Quarter. The total mileage there and back was around 6 miles but doing running inside the park can really pile the miles up. Depending on where your hotel is the miles to and from the city park can vary but if you are staying in the French Quarter(most popular place to stay) then you should be around 6 miles for travel to the City Park. I would say that I felt safe running this route during the morning hours when I ran it. I noticed some houses that seemed run down but I wasn't bothered by anything. I would recommend bringing a friend if you happen to have a running buddy with you to just to be safe.

New Orleans City Park Map When you arrive at the entrance of the park you will see this map here that details all the areas you can check out. The botanical garden was in full bloom and considering the admission was around $6 it was worth a gander. There's a sports arena and also a little track that is open to the public as well. My favorite spottings in the park were the historic arch bridges, live oak trees and palm trees.:palm_tree: New Orleans Palm Trees

Besides the city park there wasn't really anywhere else I ran because the French Quarter doesn't really smell the greatest. I couldn't imagine running around there with the horrible boozy sewer stench lingering through out the streets. In conclusion, if you ever are in New Orleans check out the City Park to get your run in and afterwards make sure you head to Cafe Du Monde to get some delicious coffee and beignets! :fr: beignets

Written on December 8, 2014