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Salomon Escape Jacket Review

  • The Best Winter Running Jacket Ever?
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Salomon Escape Jacket.

For those of you that know the struggle of finding the perfect running jacket for under 30°F weather - this is for you. I've been searching for years for a jacket that was not only warm but breathable and as well as wind blocking. Years of searching ended that one magnificent night I went to REI.

Salomon Escape Jacket Front.

First, a little bit about this jacket. This is labeled as a cross-country skiing jacket and not a running jacket. When I tried it on I was immediately surrounded in comfy warmth. It was like someone handed me a mug of hot cocoa during a snowstorm. This jacket has 40g insulation which is something you never see in running jackets. Usually, this is to avoid becoming too warm. I'm not the kind of runner that can wear shorts when the temps are in the 30s. If I don't keep bundled up my fingers turn snow white and I'm shivering. I usually have to wear two shirts and a fleece half-zip underneath a standard running jacket to keep warm. The beauty of this jacket is that with the 40g of insulation and the wind-resistant taffeta panels I only need to wear a tech shirt or long sleeve underneath on a sub 30° day. This reduces the laundry load significantly and keeps me feeling much lighter.


This jacket is built well. It has some features that I want to mention. The upper back panel is stretchy polyester and if the temps are in the 30°F - 40°F range then I'll notice that this area gets really sweaty. This panel allows for breathability when the temps are above 30°. Most people would probably opt for a different jacket once above 30°F but I'm obsessed.

Salomon Escape Jacket Hip Pocket with attached keys.

Inside the right front hip pocket there is a plastic clip that you can attach your keys too. Yes! I love when features like this are added in - shows that they were really thinking. The last thing you want is to reach into your pocket to grab an energy gel and have your keys fall out.

Salomon Escape Jacket Chest Pocket.

Another feature that I really like is the front inside chest pocket. I put my iPhone in here and it fits perfectly. Because of the jacket's insulation and the location of this chest pocket it keeps my phone decently warm and preserves battery life in cold weather. This is a problem in most other jackets(especially "shell" jackets) where my phone will become cold and the battery will die and I'll have like 6 miles of my run left where I'm lugging around a dead phone for no reason.

Salomon Escape Jacket Sleeves.

You'll notice that the sleeves of this jacket don't have the typical elastic band. I really hate the elastic bands because they always get stuck on my GPS watch. The sleeves are a little longer as well which gives you some hand coverage.

Salomon Escape Jacket Collar.

There's a decently high collar which cuts out the need for a buff to keep your neck warm. Another piece of laundry I can avoid!


This jacket is not water-proof. However, I have noticed that it is somewhat water-resistant. Basically, it's fine when its snowing but if its pouring rain - this is not the jacket you want to wear.


The night I met this wonderful jacket I actually had to try on a size up from what I normally wear because for some reason REI doesn't carry it in a small. Strange. I was wondering if it was because Salomon clothing usually fits smaller than typical brands. Regardless, the only options I could find at the time were ordering it from Salomon directly or from a place like It comes in at $140. Which, I find reasonable. As usual, I'm not affiliated with Salomon and I purchased the product on my own.

Written on January 3, 2017