This Marathon Life

by a passionately stubborn runner

This Is My Road

A lonely, dark, ice covered road.

In a boring suburb there's a dark, lonely, and icy road. This city is full of these short stretches of grey concrete surfaces. During the day they're full of distracted drivers and a few people walking with coffees and the like. But, this road isn't the beautiful winding singletrack trail up a mountain. It's never presented me with glorious views of a sunrise over snow covered peaks or a sunset over a lake. In fact, real mountains don't exist anywhere near me. It's kind of sad that a state shaped like a piece of winter apparel isn't full of super amazing mountains to snowboard or ski on. Actually, it's kind of deceiving. It does get cold here though. That is true. Anyway, this is about making do and how you can find out how to find beauty in the grey sidewalks.

We all can't live in trail paradises. Some of us live where we do because of family reasons, a job, or you name it. I see pictures posted on Instagram or Facebook all the time of some insanely beautiful trail that someone has run and then I take a photo like this. It's a boring, icy, dark road. But, you know what - I truly feel that it is us - the boring grey sidewalk runners that deserve to post pics of our boring grey sidewalks! Okay, lets go with BGSR(boring grey sidewalk runners) for short. Yes, we're an official collective now. To me, it is much more difficult to get your butt out the door to go slog it out for 8miles on the icy sidewalk than it is to go out your door and run along some awe-inspiring trail. Don't let what your outside lacks ever take away from what a run gives you. Find beauty in the little things. Like that one neighbor who actually puts salt out on the sidewalk. That my friends, is a win! No, seriously though, a few weeks ago on an early morning run I witnessed the most spectacular sunrise I've ever seen. Everywhere I looked was glowing orange. The once dark, lonely and cold sidewalks were glowing orange. But, only for that moment. A moment I would have missed if I had stayed inside.

So I raise a pint of my Michigan brewed craft beer to you! All of you BGSR out there putting in work all winter! Besides, ain't no party like a sidewalk party! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Written on December 13, 2016