This Marathon Life

by a passionately stubborn runner

We Are The Mockingjays

Tonight, turn your running shoes against Heart Disease. Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States. We know this, you know this, even Google knows this with the millions they are investing into research. But, there has to be more work done on the ground level. We know that we have the power to exercise, to change things. Why not give yourself a fighting chance by using the best two weapons you have - exercise and diet?

I was on a frigid cold morning run when it started pouring rain. I like to consider myself pretty weatherproof but the rain and wind hitting my face was pretty miserable in those tough miles. Everything changed though, in a second. I ran by a mother and child who were leaving a store and the little girl tugged her moms hand and said "Mommy! Look! Someone's running in the rain!". Then it dawned on me.

We are the Mockingjays. We are the Runners. We are out here on the roads and trails day in and day out. We find the strength to get our runs in no matter what kind of weather we face. I like to believe that the passion that runners have will spread to the rest of the population. When you find yourself feeling sluggish on a bad weather day just remember that we are the mockingjays and the more we are seen out there - the more it will "normalize" exercising. You are making a difference.

p.s. can you tell that I'm sad about The Hunger Games movies ending? :cry:

Written on December 16, 2015