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New Balance Zante v3 Review

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New Balance Zante v3.

For me, the Zante is the most trust worthy shoe I've ever run in and the newest version is even better than the previous. I've put about 580 miles into four pairs of the Zante v3s so far and I can say - they rock. Everything I said about the v2 still applies to the v3 except for a few things! Lets break it down.

The v3 feels like a nicer shoe. The upper is sturdier without feeling heavier. The area with the lacing system has added structure and stiffness which leads to less of that "cave in" effect you get once your shoes get older. The laces are nicer - they have more pronounced little horizontal lines which help with grip when trying to tie them. The upper itself is of higher quality with a different stitching pattern. Also, they look nicer!

New Balance Zante v3 close up of the laces.

The v3 runs better and lasts longer. My second favorite thing about the new version is that they feel more responsive - think of throwing a flat tire with no responsiveness at the ground vs. a fully inflated tire. More bounce! On impact, they feel more cushioned and this cushioning lasts even once you get a few hundred miles in them. In the v2, I really didn't like how run down the shoe felt after 200 miles. I will say that with a brand new pair of the v3 I've noticed that there does seem to be a needed "break in" run in them before they feel perfect. It took a few runs in my first pair of v3s before I really felt that I liked them. Then, the second, third, and fourth pairs of them - I only needed one break in run to get them feeling amazing. I'm not sure if this was because I was more used to them or because of a production issue with the first pair I got.

New Balance Zante v3 close up of the laces.

The v3 midsole and outsole have different patterns. You can see in the image above, the v3 on left and the v2 on the right - both shoes have 207.9 miles and 208.0 miles on them respectfully. The midsole and outsole have different patterns. The outsole seems to have held up pretty similarly between the two but there is slightly more outsole left on the v3 overall. But, what you can't see - is how much nicer the midsole feels on the v3 after 200 miles than the v2. The v3 wins this category.

Overall, the Zante v3 is another great addition to the Zante family and at $99 it's a great workhorse. I must say...I'm also partial to the v3 because it's the shoe I ran in when I qualified for Boston! Points if you know which pair/color I ran in! Let me know in the comment section what think of the v3!

Written on August 14, 2017